Embarking On A New Journey

September 15, 2020
September 15, 2020 zephrym

I can feel myself changing. What matters in my life is going through a sort of transformation. I feel like I’ve really gotten clear on what’s important and what’s just a sort of noise meant to keep us occupied and distracted. My heart is opening and my consciousness is expanding. Over the past few years I’ve set out on a journey to connect with my spirituality. To find my purpose and harness my potential. A sort of self discovery but related to my connection to something bigger than just the human race. As I continue down this path, exploring and learning, I’m trying to challenge myself. Challenge my learned behavior and to be open to new ideas, perspectives and understandings. As part of my journey into this realm I’ve decided to embark on a year long exploration connecting sound, emotion and cosmic energy. Tomorrow marks the first day in that journey and I’m both exhilarated and terrified.

Astrological Zodiac SignsThere’s no doubt in my mind about the power of the moon, how it affects us and the ability it has to influence our daily lives. I’ve looked at my own behaviors and I can see it. So what is it I actually plan on doing? Well, I’m going to spend the next 12 synodic months in a research experiment and artistic endeavor. My goal is to create a musical moon meditation / dj mix on each of the new and full moons starting on September 17th, 2020 with a new moon in Virgo. I’m curious if this process will not only help me understand some of the effects each moon cycle and correlating astrological signs exhibit, but whether this has a profound auditory effect. Music is something that for so many of us can tap into our deep emotional centers. For each of the 12 lunar months I’ll be creating mixes entirely within the 13 hours leading up to the crest of the moon cycle which is said to be the best time to harness the power of the new / full moon. Through meditation and connecting to the current astrological energy ( signs, planets & elements ), I’ll then create a dj mix from that inspiration. Through documentation on my process and my results, I’m hoping that at the end of my journey I’ll have a more complete understanding of the effects the moon has over our emotions.

Committing to a project of this nature definitely has me going through mixed emotions. I feel invigorated with purpose and passion and I can’t wait to get started but at the same time I’m overwhelmed with apprehension and fear. A year long commitment is a big deal! For all of the creativity and passion that I have, they are equally met with unbridled determination, persistence and perfectionism. I know that once I start this journey there’s no backing down. That means that for the next year my life will revolve around this experiment. Plans, special events, vacations, etc. will all have to be organized to accommodate this process. That’s a bit scary! I’m so very thankful for my life partner and devoted lunar astrologer, Tanya Lee who has stepped up to join me on this journey both as support and as a collaborator on the experiment itself. Each mix will open and close with a guided meditation from Tanya that aligns us with the current moon phase, elements and zodiac archetype. Knowing that I’m not going it alone definitely makes the commitment pill a bit easier to swallow. We both have a vested interest in seeing this project through and I know that the idea is something we both want to see come to life.

So that’s where I’m at. I hope some of you will join us on this journey. The mixes will be posted here on the website as well as on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure & I’ll be journaling after each of the mixes to talk about the process. Tanya is also running an incredible program through Body Art Motion called Conjure Motion that will be going through some of these same processes but utilizing a movement language through dance and body awareness. It’s a brilliant program and if movement is one of your forms of expression, I highly recommend you check it out!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the mixes so please feel free to send us a message or connect with us via Social Media. The first mix will be posted at 5AM (MST) September 17th, 2020.

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  1. Jessica Roh

    This is going to be an incredible journey for both you and Tanya. We are so excited to hear these sets to reflect on these astrological effects on ourselves, too. Thank you for all that you and Tanya do!

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