Lunisolar Calendars are magickal art pieces that guide you through the celestial dance of sun, moon and earth.  The ancients devised the first systems of time by observing the patterns of the seasons interacting with the heavens. Their calendar was the relationship between sky and earth as the sun, moon and five visible planets mingled with the stars.  Time and trust was built between humans, nature and planetary frequencies.  Our Lunisolar calendars aim to honor this tradition and concept.

A collaboration of love designed by Amaris and Zephrym, an astrologer and an artist, we are proud to present a beautiful, easy-to-follow map of new, full and quarter moons as well as the 8 annual shifts of seasons. The clearly explained astrological legends provide only the most important clues to aid your explorations through this ancient timing method.

*If you live in Calgary, AB and would like to arrange a pickup of your calendar to save on shipping, please drop me an email at info@zephrym.ca to make arrangements.

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