For thousands of years. devoted worshipers have been creating statues, altars and iconic monuments to celebrate and honour their chosen gods. This process of concentrated intention and devotion, forged through creativity can become a truly sacred process. It connects us to the spirit world and we become forever etched in the creation that is manifested.

This tribute is in the worship of Gaia, the Greek goddess of the Earth, mother of all life.

I recently completed this sculptural piece for the Ritual Arts Exhibition on May 21st & 22nd at the Nvrlnd Arts Foundation. It felt like such an honour to take on this piece and there was never a moment in the journey where I felt disconnected from the process. I couldn’t be more proud of this piece and the direction my art is blossoming into.

  • DATE:

    May 2022

  • TITLE:

    A Tribute To Gaia


    Mixed Media: Deer skull, acrylic paint, string, modelling clay, birch wood, rocks, gold leaf, Quartz crystals, Chromium Quartz crystal & Helichrysum flowers.