Strength, beauty, compassion – Earth Mother is the goddess of the natural realm. Watching over this world and protecting the balance of nature and all of it’s inhabitants

When I set out to do the first piece which was the black and white pointillism on paper, I wanted to create a representation of the earth goddess that I envisioned in my own spiritual practice. There is an incredible, meditative nature to pointillism artwork and through the many hours of repetitive intention this is what transpired.

After finishing it I felt connected to it and wanted to transfer this idea into acrylic and this time with colour. I meticulously cut out a 3/4″ piece of pine into the outer shape of the image and then began painting. This piece utilizes different reflective & metallic paints which give it a certain life in person that can’t quite be captured on film.

  • DATE:

    2020 / 2019


    Acrylic & Cut Pine Board | Ink & Paper

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