The painting, “Protection” depicts the four seasons rotating around the canvas which symbolize cycles of time and change. They are connected by the flower of life sacred geometry which weaves through all that surrounds us. The Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima in its upright position symbolizes protection, repelling negative energies that can contaminate the balance of our inner equilibrium. In the center is the eye, enveloped in a blooming lotus flower symbolizing purity of the body and mind. The eye watches out for us, repelling negative energy that can breakdown our connection to a higher purpose.

This painting was created in a time where I personally felt I needed to manifest balance in my life and to protect my inner sense of self and the connection to a purpose beyond the self. In offering this painting as prints, it’s intention is to be meditated upon and to hold space in the owners home. Although these are the foundations for which I created the piece, I’m sure that each person will find their own personal meaning and connection to the artwork.

  • DATE:

    November 2018

  • TITLE:



    Acrylic paint on wood frame