Invoking The Divine Feminine Through Music & Movement

Shakti was a unique evening taking place at the halfway point between spring and summer ( aka Beltane ). This is a time of heightened fertility – a time to celebrate and invoke the earth goddess Shakti – the primordial energy of creativity.

This beautiful evening of lush, bass infused soundscapes & hypnotic tribal fusion belly dance performances featured Lion-S from Nelson, BC as well as renowned dancer, SamiTe from Florida, USA.

This was the first full scale event collaboration between Body Art Motion and Zephrÿm. This incredible union of like minded thinking and spirituality fused together to create a stunning and truly memorable evening for patrons and everyone involved.

  • DATE:

    April 27th, 2018


    Body Art Motion & Zephrÿm

  • MUSIC:

    Lion-S, Melo.Nade, Zephrÿm, Jaqi Iraqi & Tenille Willowtree


    SamiTe', Tanya Lee, Body Art Motion, Luna & Wolf Flow



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