Lunisolar Calendar & Workbook


  • Beautiful 18″ x 24″ full colour calendar print
  • Includes all full, new and quarter moons, sun signs and seasonal dates.
  • Premium matte paper stock.
  • 48 page, full colour instructional guide & workbook.


The first systems of time were devised by observing the seasons on Earth as they correspond with the patterns of the sky. Calendars logged the timing of the Sun, Moon and five visible planets as they mingled with the stars. Time and trust were built between humans, nature and the sky above.

Our mission with the Lunisolar Calendar and Workbook is to provide functional, artful tools to support those who are interested in working with this ancient celestial framework. The guide pages are organized into two progressive steps, and address the needs of the beginner to those more seasoned in astrology. The calendar and workbook are customized for the 2022 solar year through 24 new and full moons in their respective signs and seasons.

A collaboration of love designed by Amaris and Zephrym, an astrologer and an artist, we are proud to present a beautiful, easy-to-follow map of new, full and quarter moons as well as the 8 annual shifts of seasons. The clearly explained astrological legends provide only the most important clues to aid your explorations through this ancient timing method.

Includes a stunning 48 page, full colour instructional guide & workbook! This carefully constructed tool will walk you through all of 2022’s Moon and Sun cycles with quick access to points of focus so that you know when to shift gears. The workbook includes the thirteen Lunar Cycles of 2022, each on a 2 page spread for ease of viewing. Each spread includes journal prompts, action ideas, and areas to direct your attention for each Moon phase. This workbook aims to support a celestial framework – a system that has been used since time immemorial as a language of correspondences between the sky and life on earth. ‘As above, so below. As within, so without.’ Welcome to the journey – one of exploring balance between the physical, mental, emotional and intuitive parts of ourselves.


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