Moon Musing Mixes – Full Moon In Aries

October 2, 2020
October 2, 2020 zephrym

Yesterday was the full moon in Aries which marked the second installment in the Moon Musing Mix Series that Tanya and I have embarked on. Leading up to this mix I had a bit of apprehension about being able to channel what I thought would be an overpowering, intense surge of raw, primal fire. In the week leading up to the start time, Tanya and I had numerous conversations around Aries and as I got clearer on what this cardinal fire would truly look like, the nervousness settled and I could feel my excitement build as we inched closer to the full moon. I couldn’t wait to start the process again and I was filled with this intense drive that seemed to take over any apprehension that may have existed. I was ready.

The day prior to starting was filled with gathering the necessary tools and setting up an altar tribute that I felt would help to inspire me on my journey. A special fire element incense from Lailokens Awen filled the air while a fire roared in my fireplace. I decorated my space in a way that I felt reflected the energy of the Aries moon and sat down to show appreciation to the journey I was about to embark on. Creating a sensory, creative space is a crucial part of my personal process and I feel like it really helps me immerse myself in the task at hand.

One of the challenges with this project is that I told myself that I wouldn’t limit these mixes to solely the music that I would normally play as a dj. I really wanted to dissect the element / modality at play and find the styles that spoke to me. There were specific sounds that really resonated with me for this cardinal fire. What I might call “lazer bass” conjured up images of slicing through metal. Driving, syncopated drum rhythms had the punch, spark & energy that I was looking to capture. Energetic, frenzied builds and sudden drops brought forth visuals of Aries active energy building and releasing. All of these elements went into my Aries full moon offering along with a pulsing, powerful tempo to tie it all together.

As I continue down this path I’m definitely realizing that each song contains all of the elements within it. You might have a deep earthy baseline or airy riser, but it’s the song’s “heart” that seems to dictate it’s real classification. It’s that one element in the song that makes it what it is. It captures your attention and sticks in your memory long after it’s over.  I’m really starting to ask myself new questions around the differences in the modalities, elements and how it’s represented in a musical context. I’m excited to keep moving forward, exploring new elemental sounds and deepening my connection to the process.

I would love to hear your feedback on the Aries Full Moon mix and whether you think it captured the energy of cardinal fire. After all, this is a research project of sorts and I’m looking to gather as much data as I can around the process. Feel free to comment below or email me at [email protected].

Much love ♥ – Zephrÿm

My personal altar created to channel the spark & passion of the Aries Full Moon. Special “Fire Element” loose incense by Lailokens Awen.

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