Soul Portrait Painting Retreat with Autumn Skye

A Journey Of The Soul

I remember the exact moment when the Soul Portrait retreat crossed my path. The high tech algorithms of the social media giants finally got it right on the nose. They must have been listening as it was only a day before that I had confessed to Tanya that my dream was to go study art at some sort of immersive residency or program abroad.  To really dig in without all of the background noise of life. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think it would happen for me and I’m still pinching myself that I got the opportunity to chase my dream, go on an epic adventure and find my creative soul in the process.

This is my experience at the Soul Portraits Retreat with Canadian artist, Autumn Skye that took place at the beautiful Stowel Lake Farm on Salt Spring Island, BC.  I hope it inspires you to follow your dream, do the “uncomfortable” thing. There’s simply no telling where the rabbit hole may take you.

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Moon Musing Mixes – Full Moon in Leo

It’s been a few days now since the full moon in Leo mix and I think I really needed to take this time to decompress and reflect on this journey’s challenges and how I’m handling the pressures of a long term creative commitment. I wish I could report that it’s all sunshine and rainbows over here but I’d be lying. It’s been tough to balance all of the aspects in my life, not to mention the numerous challenges that have emerged from this ongoing pandemic. It’s so easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and creatively drained.

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Moon Musing Mixes – New Moon in Capricorn

The first moon mix of 2021 and it’s in the earthy sign of Capricorn. I think it’s interesting that in ending the year we visited Cancer which brought us back to a place of home, comfort and love. It’s as though we went full circle and are now ready to embark on a new journey of self discovery. I have to admit that when Amaris and I talked about Capricorn in the days leading up to this new moon I wasn’t particularly excited about trying to capture this energy.

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Moon Musing Mixes – Full Moon in Cancer

Well this mix marks a total of 4 months into this project. Eight individual mixes down and each time the process, mindset and outcome are all so different from each other. I’d be lying to you all if I said that each time the new or full moon approaches I’m filled with joy and excitement about embarking on the journey all over again. Sometimes I wish it was that way but I also know that not everything worth doing is easy.

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Moon Musings - New Moon in Scorpio

Moon Musing Mixes – New Moon in Scorpio

Damn you Scorpio moon and all your feelings. Ok…I’m not really upset at all but wow, the past few days have just been intense for me. Embarking on this latest installment of the moon musing mix series opened up a door to a time in my life that for whatever reason I had kind of just forgotten about. A huge time of transformation and change in my life. This deep water reflection has me flooded with some incredible memories of beautiful friendships, life altering experiences and a time when the whole world seemed to be opening up to me.

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Moon Musing Mixes – Full Moon in Taurus

Ok so it’s been almost 2 weeks since the Taurus mix and I’m just getting around to the recap now. Not too sure what the hell happened to the time but here it is for anyone who’s actually reading these. Lol.
I remember the days leading up to the mix itself, I was feeling pretty at peace about the upcoming mix. Sometimes there’s this apprehension and nerves that start to show their faces right before I’m about to begin.

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Moon Musing Mix - New Moon in Libra

Moon Musing Mixes – New Moon in Libra

It’s been a few days now since we embarked on the third installment in this year long practice and what’s becoming so incredibly evident is how much each of these individual practices is bringing forth exactly what the meditations allude to. I’m in complete awe of the power of cosmic alignment. I know there’s much global debate about the validity of astrology but I can’t help but become more and more entwined in the undeniable presence of it’s wisdom.

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A Blooming Collective Interest

It’s been just over a week since the launch of the second Moon Musings Mix and I’ve been in complete awe with the amount of widespread interest they’ve been generating from all across the globe. It’s been surreal to be able to sit there and watch the play count rise by the hour. What started as a personal exploration and spiritual practice is evolving and transcending it’s original intent to manifest a whole new layer I hadn’t quite expected but excites me beyond words.

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Moon Musing Mix - Full Moon in Aries - 10.01.20

Moon Musing Mixes – Full Moon In Aries

A few days ago I started the first chapter in a year-long experiment to see if I could harness the cosmic influences surrounding the new and full moons and create a soundscape that would capture some of that dominant energy. First on the list was the New Moon in Virgo ~ Mutable Earth. The crest of the new moon was taking place at 5AM MST on Thursday so that meant that I had 13 hours prior to the crest to make this magic come together.

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A Moment Of Reflection - Conscious Contribution Vol. 4

A Moment Of Reflection

4 months ago I released to the public one of the most personal projects I’ve ever worked on. I’ve never put as much emotional energy, core intent and reflective love into anything I’ve ever created. The Conscious Contribution mix series was always a process that I used to sort through emotional baggage, beliefs and barriers but the years leading up to the release of Volume 4 were some of the most heartbreaking but life expanding that I’ve endured.

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