Moon Musing Mixes – New Moon in Capricorn

January 15, 2021
January 15, 2021 zephrym

The first moon mix of 2021 and it’s in the earthy sign of Capricorn. I think it’s interesting that in ending off the year, we visited Cancer which brought us back to a place of home, comfort and love. It’s as though we went full circle and are now ready to embark on a new journey of self discovery. I have to admit that when Amaris and I talked about Capricorn in the days leading up to this new moon I wasn’t particularly excited about trying to capture this energy. I think I was actually a bit intimidated by this vision of the stern father figure, watching, analyzing and providing his tough love approach. The strong contrast to what I had felt with emotional Cancer just 2 weeks ago was throwing me for a bit of a loop and at first I could feel myself feeling a tad resentful almost that I had to do this one. But I’m happy to say that I found the heart of the message and within it the strength to push forward.

There’s something about tough love. You never quite get the message right away. You need to earn it. You need to make mistakes to figure it out on your own. This mix is like that. For most, it’s not going to be something they fall in love with right from the get go. It’s tough and for so many, drum & bass is just too much. Too much noise, too much stimulation and too much bass. But what happens when you let go of all your notions and start to see past your own preconceived ideas? If you let go and surrender to it you might just see the beauty within the beast…the vast array of details inside the song structure, the beautiful melodies that emerge amongst the drum lines or the way the lyrics sit inside of these complex musical patterns. It’s all there to take in but you’re probably going to have to work for it or it just wouldn’t really be Capricorn, would it?

My suggestion is to grab a decent pair of headphones and take this mix out for a walk. See how it feels out in the outdoors with all that beautiful earthy energy around you. See how it drives your steps, pushes you forward and keeps you moving. It’s here that your heart will connect to the deeper, meaningful flow while your body moves to the repetitive pulsating beats and baselines. This is a situational mix. Something you don’t necessarily listen to on repeat ( unless you absolutely love D&B ) but you put on to achieve a specific state of being. Much like the Aries mix that came out back in October this mix really is about movement and energy. I suppose the only thing you now need to ask yourself is; what part of your life could benefit most from a powerful injection of this sort of directed earthy energy.

Much love as always ♥ – Zephrÿm

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