Welcome to my online offering. I hope that you’ll take a moment to look around and enjoy some of the many projects that I’ve created over the years. This is my life’s work and I’m happy to be able to share it with you.

This website encompasses all of the creative disciplines that continue to fuel my passion. From music and art to performance and my connection to the world around me. I have traveled many roads to get where I am today. I’ve trained as a fine artist with a background in printmaking, sculpture & painting. Studied and worked as a graphic designer for a vast array of worldwide industries. I’ve been a DJ and aspiring musical producer for the past 20+ years as well as a leader for a number of performance art troupes & projects. The through line for all of them has been creative expression. It’s my passion for this process that keeps me growing, learning and sharing my work with the world. I am not claiming to be master of anything but rather a student of life and this is my account of what I’ve learned and accomplished on my journey.




As part of my ever growing practice towards conscious growth, I’ve decided to embark on a year long journey to attempt to capture the connection between sound, emotion and cosmic energy. Starting September 17th on the new moon in Virgo, I will be embarking on a bi-weekly process to create a soundscape that represents the energy of the new or full moon and it’s dominant astrological influences. Each two week period, a complete music mix will be constructed solely within the 13 hours leading up to the peak of it’s phase and then shared via the website & Soundcloud.

Joining me on this project is my wonderful partner and devoted lunar astrologer, Tanya Lee from Body Art Motion. Each mix will open and close with a beautiful guided meditation from Tanya that aligns us with the current moon phase, elements and zodiac archetype.

I’ll be documenting the journey and my findings in the journal section of this site so you can click below to learn more if your interested.


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Below you’ll find a few of the creative projects that I’ve been working on lately as well as a few of my favorites from days gone by.

Growth – Deception – Transform

~ I’ll be adding more past projects to the website shortly ~