Moon Musing Mixes – New Moon in Libra

October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020 zephrym

It’s been a few days now since we embarked on the third installment in this year long practice and what’s becoming so incredibly evident is how much each of these individual practices is bringing forth exactly what the meditations allude to. I’m in complete awe of the power of cosmic alignment. I know there’s much global debate about the validity of astrology but I can’t help but become more and more entwined in the undeniable presence of it’s wisdom. Immediately following the new moon ceremony, numerous opportunities for re-balancing relationships, opening important dialogues of communication and speaking truths in pursuit of more harmonious relationships came into fruition. This wasn’t simply an act of seeking out the opportunities but rather that they arrived in front of me, waiting to be acted upon. The synchronicity seems unquestionable.

The realization of this mix in the days leading up to the actual practice came with much discussion & research as I personally didn’t feel a strong connection to Libra. I don’t have much air in my chart so I knew I was going to really have to dig in and try to distinguish in my mind the details that embodied this sign. As always, Tanya has such a vast knowledge and capacity for Astrology, so as we started to do our research a moment of clarity came together and I think we both felt a stronger connection to what we were about to embark on.

The day before the start of the actual mix creation is my altar day. It’s when I take the time to assemble and create a visual representation of what I’m going to attempt to channel. This doesn’t always come easily and with this round I needed to get creative and build some custom pieces to complete my tribute. This process has become such an integral part of my personal process. I’m such a tactile thinker so actually using my hands to build something really helps to sort out my intention and get that as clear as possible in my mind. This is the final element in what’s becoming a week-long process.

Research  ~  Creation  ~  Ritual  ~  Practice  ~  Reflection

For this installment the 13 hour window was less than ideal. It had me starting at 12:31AM which is typically when I’m heading off to bed. If I was to simply follow my typical routine, I’d miss the first half of my window which didn’t leave me much time at all. I did as much prep work as possible before heading to bed but I couldn’t help but feel a driving sense of anxiety for the task ahead. For whatever reason, my eyes opened right in the witching hour around 3:30 AM and I took this as a sign to get up and just get started. I couldn’t not listen. I’m so glad that I did as it gave me exactly the right amount of time to get all of the pieces together for the 1:31 PM launch. I ended up with barely 5 minutes to spare but it was done.

One of the things that really stood out about this mix is how different it was musically from the previous two I had created. The Cardinal Air quality really stood out for me when looking through music. I felt its presence in these long, sustained “airy” notes. Almost like a breath that’s been stretched out and become an harmonic scale. There was also a very balanced feel to the song compositions. Nothing jabbing or poking out which was definitely a quality that came through in the Aries mix. Specific instruments like the violin, flutes, triangle, bells really captured this element and provided a flowing air like quality. I was also drawn more to vocals than in some of the previous elements which makes perfect sense as Libra is at its root about communication. Messages of love, relationships and communication were key in this mix creation and I feel like they really added a layer of connection and harmony.

I’m super proud of what was created on this New Moon and for feeling disconnected to the Libra sign, I can really resonate and connect with it now. I’ve been listening to it every day on my walks or while I’m working and it’s definitely finding a place in my heart. I would love to hear your feedback on the mix and whether you think it captured the energy of cardinal air. Feel free to comment below or email me at [email protected].

Much love ♥ – Zephrÿm

My personal altar created to channel the balance & harmony of Libra. Special “Air Element” oil by Lailokens Awen.

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