Moon Musing Mixes – New Moon in Scorpio

November 15, 2020
November 15, 2020 zephrym

Damn you Scorpio moon and all your feelings. Ok…I’m not really upset at all but wow, the past few days have just been intense for me. Embarking on this latest installment of the moon musing mix series opened up a door to a time in my life that for whatever reason I had kind of just forgotten about. A huge time of transformation and change in my life. This deep water reflection has me flooded with some incredible memories of beautiful friendships, life altering experiences and a time when the whole world seemed to be opening up to me. Why had I forgotten about these memories? Why are they tucked away in a corner of my mind instead of celebrated? I guess that’s the question that the Scorpio moon has me asking myself.

In the days leading up to this new moon mix I was helping my daughter move through a difficult moment in her already challenging teenage development. She’s had a tough life when it comes to her perception of loss and again, she was losing someone close to her. Another friend was moving away and her grief & pain seemed so incredibly overwhelming. Was this the trigger for me that opened up my own moment for reflection? I’ve lost so many friends over the years as well. People I loved and cherished deeply. I know this is part of life and I had just been trying to express that to my daughter. I’d been telling her that it would get easier. That her life will move forward and new doors will open. Although I know this is true, what I want to tell her now more than ever is to hold onto their memory. Never forget the role that they played in who you are and who you will become. We truly are a manifestation of our collective experiences. Each moment of our lives shaping the next layer to come and so on. The pain of losing them should never be reason enough to stop thinking about how much they mean to you.

This new mix is different from the past 4 that I’ve produced. I know that it may not resonate with everyone out there but I’m going to be honest, this one’s for me. I needed this. I needed to take this moment to reflect, cherish and pay tribute to the experiences that made me who I am. I think for the Scorpio new moon I could have gone in so many different directions musically but this path was one that picked me. I’m not going to talk about the process other than to say that my heart is full. I’ve shed tears, smiled ear to ear and felt my heart unlock a beautiful moment for me to experience again.

This mix is dedicated to Jeff, Julie, Jen, Chelsie & Doug. I will always love you all.

Much love ♥ – Zephrÿm

My personal altar created to channel the waters of Scorpio . Special “Water Element” loose incense by Lailokens Awen.

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  1. Jessica+Roh

    This is so beautiful! We are grateful to hear a mix that really resonates with YOU! The power of music is incredible. It’s great to hear that this particular mix was something that helped you to face those deep ‘ocean floor’ emotions. I find my students often help teach me about life, just as much as I teach them. I wish the best for your daughter, because those are some really difficult feelings. And I wish the best for you, too! Thank you, again, for creating something so meaningful!!! You are an amazing artist!

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